Mount Tam is more than just the birthplace of mountain biking; it’s the physical boundary between untamged wilderness and urban grit, where the revolutionary frontier spirit of the West can still be found in the fog-strewn valleys and golden summits of the Sleeping Maiden. This is where we live and ride.


Mount Tam Apparel began as a locals-only tribute to the riders and trailbuilders who inspired us in the early hardtails-and-cantis days. Since then, we’ve come a long way. No matter if you're on a Cunningham or a carbon shred sled, you're one of us. If you've ridden here, you know. We do it for the love.


Mount Tam Apparel crafts apparel that is inspired by every day on the bike. We make clothing that is well-made, simple, and soft. Whether you're boosting rocks on B17 or breaking bread at Gestalt, show them what you’re made of. Fly the mountain biker flag high. Ride with us.

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